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Waterproofing is a paramount part in the construction process. The process is important because it ensures that no moisture will be entering the facility or ruining the structure of the building, as well as resisting hydrostatic pressure, also known as vapor pressure. This not only protects the concrete but it protects the steel used in the process as well.

There are different types of waterproofing in construction; common types include but aren’t limited to polyurethane, PVC waterproofing, cementitious coating, thermoplastic, & rubberized asphalt:

Types of Waterproofing:

Polyurethane is commonly used because of how easy it is to apply. If you’ve ever added a coat of polyurethane to a surface, you know how smooth and easy that process actually is. Polyurethane is composed of two components; one being the base, polyol, and the other being the reactor, which is isocyanide. These two compounds mixed together gives a nearly flawless finishing result. Polyurethane is UV resistant and can withstand Alkaline cleaners and battery acid. This coating has a quick application, a very rapid drying time, and is new-user friendly, making it one of the most commonly used waterproofing systems.

PVC is a high volume polymer waterproofing material which is durable for over 50 years underground, and over 20 years in regards to roofing. This material is a single ply roofing material which is most commonly used on flat slope commercial or industrial roofs. The durability of this material is almost unmatched, as it can withstand extremely strong winds and other natural yet inevitable moments. Being in the Santa Fe/ Whittier area, it is not uncommon to experience earthquakes, especially being anywhere in southern California. Roofing is just as important as your foundation. Another southern California natural disaster that we face is wildfires. As of November 12, 2020, there have been over 9,100 fires in California. The PVC waterproofing material is highly recommended for SoCal residents, as it has an extremely high fire-resistance rating because the material is so durable making the compounds hard to wear down, resulting in the material to be extremely difficult to ignite, or remain on fire. This type of roofing serves really well with restaurants, as the material can easily withstand grease from animal fat.

Our next form of waterproof coating would be cementitious waterproofing. This method is super efficient for a lot of reasons, but especially because it protects extremely well against molding and mildew. This product does really well against high bodies of water and has a seamless breathable coat.  Next to Polyurethane, cementitious is the next easiest form of waterproofing method, simply because the materials are easily accessible as well as being easy to mix and apply. The material is essentially concrete, making it extremely solid and durable, and non-flexible. The type of material is commonly used indoors. This material is not recommended for areas with lots of exposed sunlight.

To determine which waterproofing method would be best for you and your project, please give us a call or visit Advanced Contracting Services in the Santa Fe Springs/ Whittier area. 

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