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Here at Advanced Contracting Services we are experts in everything involving Residential Construction. Whether it be building from scratch or any type of home renovations, our team will execute the job in the most efficient way possible. We pride ourselves on our reputation and aim to bring our customers vision to life!

There are different types of residential construction, including but not limited to single-family homes, condominiums (also known as condos), townhomes, housing cooperatives (better known as co-ops), and land:

Types of Residential Construction projects:

A single family home is a home that has no shared walls, has a garage which may sometimes be attached or detached, and also the home is built on a single lot. A single-family home is ideal for a couple of a small family who wants privacy, or something a little more stable for their children with a community. Another perk of living in this type of residence is that you are free to design it to your liking, and you do not have to worry about upstairs neighbors walking too loud, or even hearing their conversations through the walls. This type of residence will require more maintenance over an apartment, but it all comes down to what type of unit you see yourself in.

Condominiums or condos are big buildings in a larger community setting. Most condominiums are surrounded by coffee shops or restaurants, which are convenient for students or your average on-the-go type of person. These types of units usually require due from the homeowners association or HOA. These dues can be yearly or monthly. There are things that will need to be shared such as amenities in the units like the pool, the gym, the computer areas, or whatever amenities may be offered at the condos. Condos do have one or two shared walls.

A townhome is almost a perfect mix between a condominium and a single-family home. These may have one or two shared walls but they usually look like a single-family residence and you get a good amount of privacy, but certainly more privacy than you would get in just a condo. These usually come with a small yard or roof. Some of them come with maintenance agreements while others come with HOA fees. These are generally a lot more affordable than single family homes. These types of residences do not usually come with shared amenities such as a gym. Although designing your condo may get a little tricky, you do own the unit.

With a Co-op, everyone owns the building so everyone takes on equal responsibilities when it comes to maintenance and the HOA fees tend to be a lot lower than you would expect from a condo.

For more information on residential construction, or for help determining which type of residence is best for you, please contact us at Advanced Contracting Services, or visit our office in the Santa Fe/ Whittier area where you can discuss your vision with a team member.

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