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Upgrading your kitchen can change the look and feel of your entire house. You can make changes to any part of your kitchen from the flooring, to the walls, to the fixtures. The kitchen is one of the most expensive rooms to remodel, but it is always well worth the price.

There are so many benefits to renovating your kitchen. Not only will you feel more confident about showing your new kitchen off, you can have upgraded appliances, and it will greatly increase the equity value of your real estate.

Kitchen Remodeling Process:

  1. The first step is figuring out what about your kitchen you want to remodel. Do you want to upgrade the floors? Do you want to upgrade the countertops? Do you want to upgrade the appliances? Do you want to upgrade the walls? All of these options are more than possible to have, and in the design you’re trying to achieve!
  2. Once you have determined what you would like to remodel, the next step begins: demolition. Demolition is an important part of the process because you are tearing down all the old stuff and giving it a brand new foundation. If you demolish the walls, you want to be sure that you take care of all plumbing and wiring that will be going inside of the walls first, before rebuilding anything at all. This process can be a bit time consuming, but nonetheless, a very important step that you do not want to skip.
  3. The next thing you want to do after completing the initial demolition of the walls, and plumbing and wiring structures, you want to add the sheathing to the walls. Sheathing the walls cover and protect everything happening inside, while also giving the wall more structure.
  4. After the sheathing process, you add your drywall and from there you can paint or add a tile backsplash, or whatever type of wall paneling fits your style the best. If you want to renovate the flooring, you tear out all of the current flooring and clean it up, and from there you need to determine what type of flooring best matches the vision you have in mind for your project.
  5. The next step is to secure the subfloor, this will make sure everything is leveled before the actual installation. Then you would lay out the hardwood floor planking, and determine if there are any oddly shaped corners in the area.
  6. The final step is to lay out the flooring and finalize everything. This installation is extremely simple but usually requires professionals to be done the correct way and not only look good, but be time effective.

To determine what layout works best for your kitchen remodel, please contact us or stop by our store in the Santa Fe/ Whittier area, and we can start building your dream kitchen! 

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