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Flooring is such an important feature of a project. It sets the tone for the design of a place. When someone is considering an apartment, a common question is “is it hardwood floors or carpet?”, which would be followed by “is the carpet all throughout the apartment or just in the bedrooms?” or “what color is the hardwood floor or tiles?”.

There are lots of different types of flooring, including but not limited to hardwood, bamboo, cork, laminate flooring, hardwood, porcelain tile, engineered wood, linoleum, marble (crowd favorite), rubber, and the list goes on…

Carpet flooring is made up of piles, and wool or fibers, which are heat-treated and twisted and rolled up and colored. Yarn fibers dyed and mixed with a liquid solution, then forced through tiny holes using a spinneret, is what gives the carpet its different colors. A spinneret is what causes the fiber and dye to come in contact through microscopic areas that the human hand would likely miss.

Rubber flooring is created using strong rubber material such as tires. That’s right, tires that go on your cars. You usually run across rubber flooring in environments such as a dance floor at a wedding, or maybe a gymnasium. This flooring is usually moisture and stain-resistant, which makes it extremely durable and perfect for wedding dance floors, containing sometimes hundreds of people, or gymnasiums, which have tons of people doing all sorts of heavy flips and twists daily.

Some flooring has very low maintenance as far as cleaning goes. Most people, from a residential standpoint, desire to have hardwood flooring for multiple reasons, two of them being pets and kids. Hardwood flooring is not only easy to clean up messes, and stains such as red wine or maybe a fecal accident from a pet or child, but also it looks good, it’s long lasting and cost effective, it’s durable, and the color almost never fades away. If you’re looking at it from a real estate perspective, the flooring more than likely adds value to your project as it takes up most of the square footage in any real estate project, and it is usually the first thing a prospective buyer looks at, as it greatly enhances the look of any building.

Flooring construction is way more important than just its surface features, as it provides structural support for everything in the room and/or space, and it supports itself as well as anyone who may be there occupying the room. 

To determine which type of flooring works best for you and your project, please visit our office, Advanced Contracting Services, in the Santa Fe/ Whittier area. Our team would be more than happy to go over all of the flooring construction options with you, as well as a time frame that could potentially be put together for the size of your project. 

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