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Construction management, also known as CM, is a service which ensures the thorough oversight of a project for the owner. ACS specializes in construction management and can oversee any type of construction project.

Certain key factors come into play, which have already been mapped out by using construction management, such as the budget, materials, security, on-site safety, construction operations, scheduling, project techniques, and so much more.

One of the first steps to construction management is establishing a budget. It is always the smartest decision to set a budget for any project to ensure that you are not wasting any money on unnecessary costs or material. A poorly configured budget can be the downfall of an entire project, so establishing a realistic budget would most certainly be one of the main steps to acquire a successful project.

The next step would be quality assurance. As a construction manager, it is extremely important to be the “on-site”manager and ensure that tasks are being met in a timely manner and also being completed in the right way by contractors and subcontractors. Keeping an eye on the contractor and subcontractors is key because you want to be sure that codes, rules, and regulations are not being violated.

If the client wants to make certain changes to the project or budget, it is important that all of the information is clearly communicated with everyone that is involved; this way everyone is focused on the tasks at hand, and the CM is able to keep an eye on everything.

Building permits are usually required for any construction project or reconstruction/ improvement project, or even a demolition project. Permits are required for what may seem like the simplest of projects, such as a spa or pool installation, reroofing, or even plumbing. It is important to determine what the rules and regulations are in the zone that you are building in. Fees may be required for the application of the project, or even on how big the project is estimated to be. Everything needs to be in compliance with the codes and laws, down to environmental codes, construction requirements, and local building codes.

Once all of these things have been submitted and all documents have been completed per the application, you may submit your request. The approval process may be a little lengthy, depending on how detailed your plan is or how complex your project may be. However, as long as everything is in compliance, you are sure to be approved to start building your project. Once you are approved, you will be issued a building permit, which gives you legal permission to start physically building.

Here at Advanced Contracting Services, we make sure that we take all necessary legal steps to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly. If you have any questions in regards to construction management or our process, please feel free to contact us or stop by our office located in the Santa Fe Springs/ Whittier area for more information. 

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