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Our team have a vast amount of experience when it comes to commercial construction. From high-rise construction to small storage buildings, we have the right experience with any type of job that comes to us. We will ensure to put a plan together that will execute what ever vision your business or company needs.

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Our Commercial Construction process:

  1. You need to know your goals and what type of commercial real estate you are going for. 
  2. Next step is planning the development of the commercial construction. After you have determined what type of property you will have, you will need to find a location. 
  3. Next is coming up with a concept or pre-design for the place.
  4.  If you do not already have a set budget, you will need to come up with that, and we can help you with that at our office after further discussion of your vision. 
  5. Once you have a budget and all of your papers have been drawn up, you are ready to get started! This is the exciting part when we begin to bring your vision to life. It starts with underground work, depending on the size of the building, concrete pouring, and laying down all of the materials that will be used to build this commercial real estate building. 
  6. Then we start on the framing and the exterior to interior work.

Each step is thoroughly inspected. The timeframe on the building depends on the size and the amount of detail and material we will need to bring the whole project to life. Each step is supervised and built to perfection. We walk you through all of the steps. You get full customizable control of the project. Once the layout is complete, you will get to do a walkthrough to determine what you like, dislike, want to modify or add. Modifications may include the flooring or maybe the paint on the wall, or maybe you want to add another window in an area that you see fit. Once all of that is done, you will want to furnish the place to make it all feel complete. We then would determine the occupancy for each space, depending on how detailed the construction project is.

For more information on commercial construction, or for help determining which type of residence is best for you, please contact us at Advanced Contracting Services, or visit our office in the Santa Fe/ Whittier area where you can discuss your vision with a team member.

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